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Winter Programs at The YES

The YES Leadership Academy and The YES Camps have winter programs that are fun, educational and transformational.

Media Club: Developing Super Powers!

One of our central beliefs at The YES is that there are many superpowers that can be learnt. One of the most foundational superpowers is the ability to shift perspectives, look at things from different angles, and put ourselves in other people’s shoes. This helps us develop empathy, shift from a fixed mindset into a growth mindset, and think critically about our own experiences, ideas and contexts. Media Club is an excellent opportunity to develop and practice this super power with a fun, dynamic and caring group of peers and mentors.

With different program themes, Media Club typically invites a small group of youth (12-20 participants) to join us for a 12-16 week program of self exploration, connection and education. You can listen to our past participant experiences on our Podcast, and view examples of final projects here!

Reconnecting with Summer Friends!

Every November The YES runs our Reunion Camp. This weekend retreat invites any youth from the previous summer to come together to experience camp magic, see their friends, make new friends, and get cozy at the Loon Lake Lodge and Education Centre in Maple Ridge.

March Break Retreat

Each March Break The YES runs a themed program for camp participants at the Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre. We love this location with its beautiful 360 views of pacific northwest forest, reflective lake water and cozy lodge facilities. Our 2022 theme is Storytelling! This 5-day retreat for grades 10-12 promises to be full of fun and connections, and also provide creative inspiration for storytelling of all kinds.

School Workshops

The YES has a number of different offerings for your school. We run engaging classroom workshops based around central themes like self-awareness, communication, team building, social justice and leadership. We run workshops as short as 1 hour, and as long as 2 days.

Our favourite thing to do is custom design a workshop for a specific group of youth. Whether it’s a student council, youth group, explore class, or PEP 9, we love to find out more about the students involved and find out what would be most relevant to your needs.

The YES also does professional development. We love sharing our tools and philosophy with teachers and educators working to build stronger cultures, connections and community in their classrooms. We’re currently working on a resource kit for educators, but we are happy to facilitate in person or virtual sessions for your school, district or group.

The final program that The YES offers during the school year is Change It Up! This 3-6 day workshop is meant for your entire student body and faculty to change things up and create a healthier, happier and more connected school. Our team of facilitators, using entertaining assemblies, interactive workshops, professional development sessions, and your own student leaders will help your school build their own Free Zone or community agreement. We empower students and faculty to build a school culture that benefits everyone.


About the Author:

Chelsea Lake (she/her) is the Executive Director of The Youth Excellence Society and holds a Masters of Education in Leadership Studies from the University of Victoria.

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