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Transform your school into an inclusive community with

The YES.

With more than 40 years of experience running youth programming, we are confident that with the right tools, schools can become the kinds of environments where every student is welcomed, supported, respected and valued for exactly who they are. Schools can be places where all students experience opportunities for growth, education, fun and belonging.

The YES leadership workshops are interactive and activity-based, focusing on skill development and development of core competencies. Our workshops are presented by charismatic and professional facilitators who make our workshops entertaining, engaging and fun while catering to different learning styles and types of intelligence. They come to this work with an extensive background in facilitation, youth empowerment and skill development.

STUDENT Retreats

Looking for a weekend retreat for your leadership students? Let's plan one together! 

Classroom workshops

We offer pre-programmed workshops for grade 8-12 students.

School change program

A week-long school change program for your entire school where we build relationships and empower students. 

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