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March Break Retreat

Connect. Explore. Express. 

This program is no longer being offered.

Our lives are made up of stories, and the stories we tell ourselves form the basis of who we are, what we believe, and what we dream for our futures. 


Over the course of our March Break Retreat, The YES will be exploring stories from all different sides. Teens will be using tools of self-inquiry and investigation to unearth the most important moments, memories and anecdotes from their own lives, to tell their own stories of personal growth and empowerment. 


With the help of inspiring speakers and storytelling mediums, we’ll be diving into stories with humour and curiosity. This 6-day retreat will be full of fun and laughter, and also growth and new understandings. Youth will also be able to receive a Level One Leadership Certificate from The YES.


And as always, this YES program will build strong connections and friendships with youth from across BC. Youth can expect to find many of their favourite YES traditions while experiencing some exciting new programming meant to help youth discover their strengths, and see their paths more clearly as they start to make decisions about their futures.

Registration Closed

This program is no longer open for registration. 


Retreat Fees & Eligibility

Eligibility: This program is open for youth in grades 10-12. Previous attendance of YES Camp is required. If you have not attended YES Camp and are interested, please reach out to us at  


Retreat Rate: $800.00

The YES makes every effort to make programs accessible to everyone and we understand that fees may be a challenge for many families. To help with the cost of this retreat, there are monthly payment plans available within our registration process as well as financial subsidies from The YES and sponsorships from many BC Co-ops and Credit Unions. More information about sponsorship is available here

Fees are due two weeks prior to the start of the registered camp date unless an arrangement has been made with the office through a payment plan or sponsors. Please see our camp policies for further information on refunds.

Location and Transportation

Our March Break Retreat will take place Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre in Maple Ridge from March 13th-March 18th. Participants must arrive Sunday afternoon and will need to be picked up Friday morning. 


The YES will be offering bus transportation from Horseshoe Bay and Vancouver. Youth coming from other parts of the province will need to meet up with this bus, connect with other participants to carpool or find their own way to Loon Lake in Maple Ridge. Youth travelling from Vancouver Island will need to be responsible for their own ferry costs/payments. You can view our Transportation Details here.

If you are able to offer carpooling to or from camp, or would like to access a ride to or from camp, please email us as soon as possible or indicate this on your registration. We will do our best to link you up with other participants in your area. We'd like to make it possible for everyone who would like to attend to find transportation. 





If you have any questions about our program, transportation, and/or payment options, please contact us at or 604-960-1377.

Our March Break Retreat will be following public health orders, and applying distancing and masking when needed. You can read our COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan here

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