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The Youth Excellence Society

Vision: All teens belong to communities of care and respect that nurture their capacity for excellence.



  • To create supportive, inclusive communities that encourage youth to challenge themselves and create positive change.

  • To provide innovative, experiential education that focuses on co-operative leadership for life.

  • To treat participants with a balance of care and respect to promote the development of resilience and self-worth. 

  • To be inclusive and accessible to all youth regardless of financial situation.

Inclusion: At The YES, we understand that diversity enriches our communities and the lives of all individuals. We honor uniqueness and welcome diverse backgrounds and experiences, including those based on race, gender, socio-economic status, ability, sexual orientation and identity, religion, nationality, and culture.

Equity and inclusion are essential values of our programming and we strive to make all feel welcome, included, accepted and valued. 

For over 45 years, the YES (Youth Excellence Society) has worked to build the skill-set and resiliency of youth all across British Columbia through in-school and out-of-school programming. Our largest program is our week-long summer camps. At these leadership retreats, skills training is offered to 14-18 year-olds in the areas of self-awareness, co-operation, communication, global awareness, environmental sustainability and leadership. Participants have the opportunity to plan parts of their week and we have everything from Capture the Flag to amazing talent shows. There are many options outdoors to play field games like ultimate or soccer, swim in the lake, go on a forest walk, or take a break in the shade.

As experts in leadership training, the YES also offers several workshops designed for the classroom and professional workplace. We have a vast selection of themed workshops prepared, but are also happy to work directly with teachers or employers to shape our material to the needs of their group.

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