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The YES Leadership Academy offers programs for teens with a balance of safety and stretch. We challenge teens to think outside the box, and consider new perspectives all while building self confidence, meaningful connections, and essential life skills. The YES is excited to offer Level 1, 2 and 3 leadership certificates for our camps, training programs, retreats, and courses. Designed for youth ages 14-19, these programs prepare teens to be agents of change, act as effective leaders in their own communities, and provide an opportunity to develop core values and relationships for a lifetime.


While nurturing self-worth, resiliency, and connections with peers and positive role models, The YES Leadership Academy engages youth in critical thinking, social emotional learning (SEL), and the development of a growth mindset. Our programs are built in alignment with the BC Education System's Core Competencies.

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2023 Program Offerings

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The YES Media Club 

Not your average book club.

Join youth from across the provinces to discuss topics like empathy, perspective building, leadership, and co-operation. Through curated lists of some of our favourite TedTalks, podcasts, videos, documentaries, articles, and more, we'll be facilitating important conversations via Zoom about relevant topics with the help of today's most creative, innovative, and caring leaders and thinkers - you!

Earn a Level One Leadership Certificate with The YES through this program and participate in either our Leadership & Self-Development Stream or Co-ops & Cooperation Stream.

Learn more about this program by clicking the button below.

Leadership Certificates & Accreditation

  • Stretch your mind to consider new ideas and perspectives

  • Establish and sustain interpersonal relationships through self-reflection and collaborative discussions

  • Activate reflective listening skills in peer groups

  • Identify your own assumptions and biases and demonstrate the ability to connect with others whose norms, assumptions and biases may be different from your own 

  • Discover and practice essential leadership skills: self-awareness, communication, curiosity and personal growth

Level One Leadership Certificate


Level Two Leadership Certificate

  • Thoughtfully engage with other youth in peer to peer projects

  • Act as a leader and role-model among youth 

  • Become introduced to basic facilitation styles and skills 

  • Recognize and challenge injustice

  • Create more equitable community spaces for open conversations, collaboration, and self-reflection


Level Three Leadership Certificate

  • Learn to become a collaborative leader—one who’s confident, empathetic, and effective at leading diverse teams

  • Use foundational skills and literacy to make your leadership actionable and tangible when guiding projects and initiatives through civic action

  • Lead cross-functional teams through moments of ambiguity, creative thinking, and tactical execution with an inclusive lens

  • Be supported in designing your own community-based project on a topic you are passionate about 

Alignment with BC Education's Core Competencies

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