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Staff Applications

Volunteer with The YES

Our staff team is made up of a group of change-making volunteers. It is incredibly important for us to continue to build our teams.

The application process is highly competitive and we encourage all applicants to provide thoughtful and thorough answers to all questions. Volunteers are able to staff a minimum of one camp and a maximum of six camps, depending on experience, availability and roles.

Our official staff applications will open in Spring 2024. However, we are always accepting new volunteer expressions of interest. If you're interested in staffing with us or curious about the role, review the steps below: 

Send an expression of interest to This is for individuals who:

  • Have attended The YES camp as a participant but not as a staff

  • Have no previous experience at the The YES, but have experience/passion working with youth, leadership, outdoor education or looking to strengthen that

  • Have no previous experience at the The YES, but have been referred by a current staff member

Lifeguard with The YES

If you are interested in lifeguarding at The YES during the summer, we'd love to hear from you as soon as possible. We offer competitive wages and flexible positions on 1-8 week contracts. If you are considering becoming a lifeguard, we also offer grants and reimbursement for training and would love to support your growth as you support our program. We offer competitive wages and would love to hear your expectations. Please reach out to us at to introduce yourself with an expression of interest!

At The YES, we understand that diversity enriches our communities and the lives of all individuals. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we honor uniqueness and welcome diverse backgrounds and experiences, including those based on race, gender, socio-economic status, ability, sexual orientation and identity, religion, nationality, and culture. Equity and inclusion are essential values of our programming and we strive to make all feel welcome, included, accepted and valued.

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