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The YES believes in nurturing the capacity for excellence in all youth. This means supporting and encouraging youth to challenge themselves and create positive change. This is possible through an infinite number of paths, and The YES believes young people with all types of passions, interests and strengths are worthy of receiving support in reaching their full potential, following their dreams and expanding their horizons.  


Because of this, The YES Scholarship Program is focused on awarding scholarships to youth who are committed to their own growth and success by pursuing educational opportunities that help them to expand their capacity, skills, perspectives and comfort zones. These opportunities could be from recognized post-secondary institutions such as universities and colleges or other certificate, diploma or training programs.  


Additionally, The YES believes in the importance of communities and relationships. Scholarship recipients will be evaluated based on their commitment to service, whether in a formal or informal setting. This means recognizing the roles youth play in their families, schools, interpersonal relationships and larger communities. Youth whose goals recognize the importance of contribution and interconnectedness will be shown preference. 

Each year, one of our awards will carry the distinction of the Bryan Robinson Memorial Scholarship for Co-operative Leadership and will be awarded to a youth who has demonstrated excellence in co-operative leadership. 

In 2023 The YES will be awarding $10,000 to youth, ranging from $500-$3000 towards tuition or program fees.


  • Applicants must be an Alumni (of The YES Summer Program) 

  • Applicants are 35 years old or younger at time of application

  • Applicants must have proof of enrolment (e.g. an invoice for tuition or deposit receipt) at the time of application to the scholarship program.

  • Applicants can apply at any time during their studies as long as they are currently enrolled (scholarships not available for after the fact) and have proof of enrolment

    • Open to diverse learning opportunities including short-term courses, workshops, certificates, part-time studies, online training etc.

  • The scholarship amount cannot exceed the cost of the program

  • Preference is given to individuals that express a financial need

    • Applicants will make a declaration of their financial need

    • Applicants will answer questions related to their financial profile

    • Applicants will disclose other financial awards they are receiving

  • Preference is given to applicants whose educational pursuits align with The YES and its values

  • Preference is given to first-time applicants

  • Applicants consent to their image and story being shared through The YES’ social media, website and print material

Learn about our mission, values, and the Evaluation Committee Process here

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July 12: Pre-Screen Application Opens

August 2: Pre-Screen Application Closes

August 4: Evaluations Committee invites chosen applicants to complete In-Depth Application

(notifications will occur via email)

August 21: In-Depth Application Closes

September 15: Scholarship recipients announced* 

*Funds will be distributed by cheque following confirmation and/or proof of enrolment. Please note that timelines may shift slightly depending on Summer and Fall programming.

Our 2023 Scholarship Program is closed. Check back in 2024 for update dates and processes. 


Fill out the Pre-Screen Application, which will include a few questions and require a resume. From the applications received, a maximum of 30 applications will be invited to move to the second stage of the application process. Please note that you will need to create a Do Some Good Account in order to submit an application. 

Pre-screen Applications are currently open, and will close on August 2nd, 2023. Click on the link below to access the application.


If selected by our our Evaluations Committee, you will be instructed to fill in our in-depth application, where you will answer additional questions, include a reference letter from a teacher/employer/role model/mentor, and possibly be interviewed.


We'd love to make this application as accessible as possible to all qualifying applications. If you have any questions or curiosities regarding any aspect of our Scholarship Program, please be in touch at or 604-960-1377.

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