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Finding Sponsors

finding   sponsorship

Every year many participants attend our summer camp programs through camper sponsorship provided by various Credit Unions and Cooperatives in B.C. Although the cost of camp is already subsidized, we along with our generous supporters make every effort to make camp accessible to all families and their children. 


If you are a sponsor to a participant, please complete this 2023 Sponsorship Form or email us your plan at


If you are a BC Educator looking to nominate a student for a YES Camp spot, please fill in our Nomination Form.

If you are a participant or parent/guardian looking for support, there are two ways to obtain sponsorship:

  1. Ask your local Co-op or Credit Union, and have them fill in the form linked above. 

  2. Apply for subsidy from The YES

1. ask your local co-op or credit union

Ask your local Co-op or Credit Union if they provide full or partial sponsorships. As well, reach out to local service clubs such as Rotaries, Lions Club, Elks and others. For those who reside in a housing Co-op, please reach out to your Board of Directors for more information about camper sponsorship. 

Here is a list of our current and past sponsors.  We encourage anyone interested in sponsorship to reach out to the potential sponsors as soon as possible.  


Please note: Each Credit Union and Cooperative will have their own process and requirements to gain camper sponsorships.  

2. apply for subsidy from The YES

Sponsorship is available to those who require financial support. In our effort to making camper fees more affordable, our office offers partial subsidies for our Summer Camp program. Sponsorship request forms must be submitted minimum two weeks prior to camp. If you are interested in obtaining some subsidy, please fill out the Subsidy Request Form.

If you require any more information or have questions about subsidies

or sponsorship, please don’t hesitate to contact our office

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