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Student Retreats

Connect on a whole new level.

We offer customizable weekend retreats for leadership students or youth groups that are looking for skill building, bonding, and a chance to reflect on themselves as young leaders. The combination of workshops, outdoor activities, meaningful field trips, and games will equip participants with the confidence and skills necessary to contribute to a fun, engaging and meaningful environment. 

Retreat Details

  • Retreats can range from 1-6 nights

  • While The YES is happy to provide suggestions and guidance, in most cases groups are responsible for booking facilities, including catering and transportation

  • Cost is dependent on number of students (minimum 10), number of nights, location and whether the group is chaperoned or not


Who's It For?

  • Leadership classes looking to make connections and develop skills

  • Classes or groups looking to start the year or semester off with team building and group bonding

  • Private school groups on holiday breaks looking for fun, supervision, and new experiences Extracurricular youth groups (i.e. student governments, teams, clubs)



If you’re interested in booking a student retreat, please be in touch with us at to get a quote today. ​


Please provide as many details as possible including:

  • Number of students

  • Number of chaperones if any

  • School location

  • Proposed dates

  • Proposed retreat location

  • Purpose or goals of retreat

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