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YES Scholarship & Leadership Program

In 2023, The YES awarded $10,000 to youth, ranging from $500-$3000 towards tuition or program fees. Our YES Scholarship & Leadership Program believes in nurturing the capacity for excellence in all youth. This means supporting and encouraging youth to challenge themselves and create positive change. Below is a list of our 2023 award recipients.

Jeba Bushra

Jeba is studying economics and political science for her Bachelor's Degree, and is looking forward to attending law school. She hopes to work with the government, focusing on the financial well-being of society, with special interest in the well-being of underprivileged children and women.

Jeba currently is working as an RA, welcoming and creating inclusive environment for university students, and is in the process of founding a student association for Bengali students. She has a wish to expand her student association to help students that grew up outside of Bangladesh to feel closer to their culture, as well as inspire other ethnic groups to form a closer bond with their roots.

"I genuinely cannot summarise into just words how thankful I am to have been given this scholarship. I will work zealously through my degree so I may extend such happiness to other students as well!"

Alise Pavila

Alise will be attending Emily Carr University. She is passionate about immersing herself in collaborative artistic projects with diverse communities. She hopes to grow by expanding her understanding, empathy, and appreciation for diversity. Her goal is to use art as a tool for social change, enabling her to address societal issues, empower marginalized communities, and foster dialogue.

Alise's approach to service and contribution revolves around the belief that everyone has inherent worth and potential.

"I'm speechless and thankful! This was an amazing opportunity, it was easy to apply, everything was clear and straight forward. Thank you!"

Bhavani McDougall

Bhavani is pursuing an undergrad degree in General Studies as another stepping stone towards her goal of facilitating collective trauma integration processes. She is looking forward to her Collective Trauma Facilitation Training course. Her goal is to bring a loving, caring awareness to the frozen places of our society. She sees service as a deeply profound and challenging spiritual practice that embraces and flourishes through the mundane, and is a necessary part of her life.

"I'm stoked that the YES is offering scholarships! I think it adds to the connection that alumni of the program can have with the community. "

Aiden Kerr

Aiden is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at UBC, with passions in animation and computer graphics. His dream is to be involved in an animated movie production. Aiden serves his community at Agora, a volunteer-run cafe at UBC. As well, he noticed there was a need for guidance, mental health support, and community surrounding Computer Science students seeking internships during the pandemic, and joined as a moderator on an unofficial UBC internships Discord server. He is now the owner and lead moderator of this server, with almost 2000 members. Here, he has created a space for students to share advise, improve resumes, and socialize.

"Receiving this scholarship means financial security. It means I am able to focus my energy on school and my community. Thank you YES camp :)"

McKenna Stidolph

McKenna was recently accepted in UBC’s Medical program, and has a dream of becoming a doctor.

Being from Fort Nelson, McKenna believes that being of service to others is what defines being a community member. She is an expert in advocating for the needs of those who are underrepresented and has been involved with many volunteer causes including Canadian Red Cross, UNBC Health Sciences Student Association , the Northern Medical Program, and YES Camp.

"I am so grateful to receive this scholarship supporting my journey through medical school! My attendance as a youth and continued involvement in the YES community have been some of the most fulfilling and character-defining experiences I have had. It is such a privilege to be supported by this community and get to bring the lessons I've learned here with me throughout my career. Thank you!"

Emily Kehler

Emily is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of British Columbia, majoring in Biology with a specialization in Neuroscience and Anatomy. She has a dream of becoming a paediatrician who extends the same kindness and care that once comforted her during her own health challenges.

Emily's approach to service is not rooted in grand gestures or accolades; it is a humble dedication to being a source of comfort, support, and growth for those around her. In a world that can sometimes feel disjointed, her goal is to weave threads of connection and empathy, contributing to a tapestry of shared experiences and shared humanity. Through her actions, she hopes to inspire others to embrace the power of service and make their own meaningful contributions, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond individual interactions.

"Receiving this scholarship means the world to me, and I can't express how genuinely grateful I am. This support tells me that there are people out there who believe in what I can achieve, and that is both incredibly motivating and heartwarming. I promise to use this opportunity to its fullest, not just for myself, but to continue giving back to my community and beyond. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me."

Robyn Kelway

Recipient of the Bryan Robinson Memorial Scholarship for Co-operative Leadership

(photo of the Kelway/Robinson/McCandless family)

Robyn is pursuing the Level 1 Internal Family Systems Training Program, a collaborative, evidence-based therapeutic approach helping people heal by accessing and healing their protective and wounded inner parts and providing opportunities for deep, transformational experiences.

Service is a core value in Robyn's family. She has volunteered with Meals, served her community as a social worker, worked with the STOP HIV/AIDS Outreach team, the Overdose Outreach Team, HealthConnections Clinic, St. Paul’s Hospital, the Regional Addiction Program, and May’s Place Hospice. All of her most important memories centre on experiences I’ve had being in and serving community. Now as a mother, her aim is to pass along the value and importance of community connection, contribution and service.

"I am so grateful to receive the YES Scholarship. YES will always hold a special place in my heart because it connects me with my beloved grandparents (Rene and Bryan Robinson) who have both now passed and because it was one of the few places that really allowed me to connect with who I am. Thank you for continuing to support YES alumni to continuously discover and grow through life. Much love to all the YES team! "

Congratulations to all recipients! We are so excited to hear about the continued pursuits of your passions.

Learn more about our Scholarship Program and future application dates.

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