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Camper Code of Conduct

It is commitment of the Youth Excellence Society (The YES) to provide the best education and recreational experiences for all participants while upholding the safety of each individual.  However, the success of the program is equally dependent on the participants assuming mature and responsible behaviour while in attendance at the Camps. Each participant must recognize a personal responsibility to learn and follow at all times the safety and other rules established by The YES staff.

In order to ensure the safety and well being of all individuals participating in the program, The YES reserves the right to alter the program at any time without notice or compensation to the participant.

To ensure a safe and secure environment for all individuals, the following behaviours are not permitted and may result in actions including but not limited to dismissal:

  • Possession or use of illegal weapons, alcohol, and/or non-prescription drugs

  • Sexual activity

  • Behaviour harassing or threatening to any of the other participants or staff

  • Disregard of instructions regarding safety and/or general outlined rules of camp

  • It is required that all registrants participate fully in the program

  • Leaving the site without the permission of the Camp Director

    • Prearranged travel plans to and from the camp must be adhered to unless there is an emergency and authorization from the parents or guardians is received to alter these plans.

In the event of dismissal or removal:

  • No refund will be granted for dismissal or removal of the participant at their request before the completion of the program.

  • Parent/Guardians are expected to cover all return travel plans and expenses for immediate return. Should The YES be required to support in return transit, a minimum of $100.00 will be charged.

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