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Session 1: Empathy

Bridging Divides



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Bridge into the Woods



White Sneakers



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Engage: Session 1 Checklist

Watch, read, or listen to as many of the following as possible before we meet. Use the questions to reflect on the media. 

☐ Brené Brown on Empathy (3 min)

☐ Step Inside the Circle (7 min)

☐ The DNA Journey (5 min)

☐ The Egg (Option to read) (8 min)

☐ Brené Brown: The Power of Vulnerability - TED Talk (20 min)

☐ Johann Hari: Everything You Know About Addiction is Wrong - TED Talk (14 min)

☐ Podcast: Invisibilia - Season 1, Episode 4 - Entanglement (1 hour) "This week, you'll meet a woman who can physically feel what she sees others feeling. We'll also explore the ways in which all of us are connected – more literally than you might realize"