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change it up!


Transform your school into an inclusive community with The YES’ Change it Up! Energizer Program.

With more than 40 years of experience running youth programming, we are confident that with the right tools, schools can become the kinds of environments where every student is welcomed, supported, respected and valued for exactly who they are. Schools can be places where all students experience growth, education, fun and belonging.

Based on the success of our school change program, Change it Up!, we’ve developed the Energizer Program, a half-day workshop, as a high-impact program for the beginning of the year, semester, or term. We work with groups as large as 120 students, focusing on building strong interpersonal skills and connections among peer groups. This workshop is focused on positive relationship building, community building and inclusion, also understood as anti-bullying, anti-gang and anti-violence programming.


Our program builds a stronger culture of care and respect between students and helps them to build bridges across social divides. Students will come away with increased self-awareness, empathy, and resilience, as well as tools and models designed to bring more inclusion, communication, critical thinking, mental wellness and social responsibility into your school. This workshop is a great catalyst or a powerful accelerator for schools who have already begun this work.


Our experienced facilitators use engaging activities, games, storytelling, and metaphors to help students connect with their own values, each other, and build a deeper connection with the wider school community. Additionally, this program meets many of the objectives listed in BC's Core Competencies curriculum, and as part of the workshop we will offer a self-assessment to students aimed at connecting our work to the core competencies.


It's well established that schools that focus on building strong communities of care and respect achieve better scores in multiple success indicators including academic achievement.

Contact: If you are considering this program for your school, please be in touch with us at, or by phone at 604-960-1377.

Pricing: 1 half-day workshop $750 ($1200 for two half-day workshops in one day)


Availability: We are currently booking programs for the 2020/2021 school years, and will consider other requests based on our availability.

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