Season 2 of Care Package is Here!

Updated: May 18, 2021

Hello friends! After a little podcast hiatus following our tenth episode of Care Package, we're back for Season 2! In this season, we're bring stories of adventure as a form of care. For listeners, here are a couple photos of myself and my good friend Em on our recent bike trip, which I talk about at the beginning of the podcast.

In this episode, we interview one of our wonderful, adventure-loving volunteer staff, Emma.

Emma tells the story of acquiring her bus (and now home), whose name is Myrtle. Here are a couple photos from Myrtle being picked up in Colorado and driven all the way home to BC.

After months of intensive renovations, Emma and Myrtle are now living full-time on Emma's grandparent's property on Denman Island - one of the many beautiful islands off the west coast of mainland BC. Almost all the furnishings inside Myrtle have been thrifted by Emma!

If you have your own adventure story, or a question for our new segment called Good At Life (where Chelsea and I do our best to answer questions about any and all elements of life), feel free to leave us a voicemail at 604-960-1377 or send a voice memo to

As always, thank you for listening, reading, and for being part of The YES community! With care,


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