Tune in to our 2nd Episode!

Hello dear community,

As April begins, we've released the second episode of our podcast, Care Package. The episode touches on recent news stories - both informational and for humour - and includes an interview with our volunteer staff member Romeo, a drag performer, artist, and teacher.

One of the pieces in the news segment is about a photographer in Massachusetts who began a project called the Front Steps Project. She is photographing families with their homes during the COVID crisis and has inspired many other photographers to do the same in their communities. Here is a link to an article about her and her work.

For folks who have listened to the episode, here are a couple visuals, made by Romeo, to illustrate his air frying challenge and his current relationship to getting things done in social isolation.

I am still compiling video footage from our Virtual Staff Retreat and am looking forward to sharing that with you sometime next week.

This week, we've asked listeners to call in with stories of love and care across distance. We'd love to hear from as many of you as possible - participants, alumni, parents and caregivers, younger siblings, friends. Tell us a story of feeling love or giving love from far away - "far" defined however you may wish: from a block apart, a province apart, a country apart, etc. Give us a call at 604-960-1377 to tell us your story or leave us a voice memo at

Thanks for your support. I hope this small message finds you taking good care.

Best, Lauren

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