Pokemon and Good Humor ft Sara

Hello folks,

I hope that as spring makes its way around the province, you're finding time to be outside and notice the growth and change that arrives with the sunshine and warmer weather. Maybe the snow is melting, or the birds are chirping, or the irises are blooming - regardless, I hope you get to spend some time outside and in nature.

This week on the podcast, Chelsea and I talk to Sara, one of our longtime YES staff and now one of our wonderful volunteer board members. We also talk about the news, including a new deadlifting word record, backyard downhill skiing, compliments from kids, and Ramadan. Here is some more information about Ramadan, for folks who would like to learn more.

We also discussed Brené Brown's new podcast, Unlocking Us. The episodes are great, including episodes of her solo, like one of my favourites on comparative suffering and the relationship between empathy and shame, but she also talks to other movers and shakers including Alicia Keys! I would really recommend it for anyone looking for some quotable podcast time.

In our interview with Sara, she mentions tone policing. For folks who are new to the term, I've included a couple infographics below, with the full infographic available here.

I could include photos of Pokemon, especially Bulbasaur, but instead here are a couple photos of Sara as a camper and teenager, and later as one of our wonderful staff members - there are truly just so many wonderful photos of her at camp, so there are a few bonuses.. See who else you can spot!

As always, thanks so much for listening, and feel free to reach out to us at or by leaving us a message at 604-960-1377 if you have a story for the podcast! In community,


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