Care Package Is Back ft. Aly & Keanu Reeves!

Hi friends! It's me, Shania! I hope that you're all doing well and can't wait to give you a squeeze or a high five when it's safe to do so. Thanks so much for the love as I step into the role of Program Director at The YES. I'm so, so happy to be here, and have endless gratitude for this community.

We're super excited to get Care Package back on its wheels and moving after a wee hiatus. On Season 2's Episode 5, Chelsea and I chat about what we've been up to lately from baking, pea co-ops, and our forbidden crushes (P.S. who's yours?).

We also got to chat with one of our favourite people and YES Staff, Aly Lahoda. We've passed the one-year mark of living and existing in a pandemic (panini, panorama, etc)., and I hope that you've been able to offer yourself moments of love and patience when you need it most. If you're curious of what Aly's been up to this past year, have a listen to the episode!

We chat about cats, vulnerability, carpet cries (you know the ones), and moments of joy and happiness that can pop up when our energy is being cared for. Also, please feel free to contribute to our "Why Keanu Reeves Is The Best" list and send your reasons over to (I'm serious).

As she is such a legendary camp DJ, Aly's gifted us with this Spotify Playlist full of her joyful tunes - have a listen!

Here are some photos of Aly with the things that have been bringing her joy recently including her cats, Peete and Jake!

We're also so excited to bring camp to you this summer! Head over to our website to learn about our Virtual and Hybrid Program options. We're stoked for another YES Summer filled with laughter, friends, and learning in the safest way possible. If you have any questions, let us know at

That's all for now folks - thanks for listening and reading, and talk to you later!



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