Some Good News!

Hello friends! This week in Episode 5 of the Care Package, our guest Jevta talks travel, lava, and the joy of a magazine subscription (or ten). We share some news updates as well as the hybrid animals of both staff and participants.

In the news this week, we talked John Krasinski's Some Good News, and the newly discovered longest animal in the ocean.

Here are a few gems from Jevta's time at YES Camp:

If you'd like to see him featured in this very cool HBS production, check it out below!

This week's episode ended with a plethora of hybrid animals from both YES Staff and participants. I've included photo submissions from the following:

Nellie's CatGull, Amanda's Kangaroo/Eagle, Romeo's Worm/Duck, Rowan's Panda/Otter, Shania's Pup-phin ("A dolphin because they are the puppies of the sea and a puppy because they are the puppies of the land"), all answering the question, "If you could combine any two animals, what would you combine?"

If you have a hybrid animal idea, feel free to submit a drawing to and call us with your explanation (604-960-1377).

Finally, this week, as we work on launching a few new projects, we're still taking calls about gratitude. Give us a call at 604-960-1377 and leave a message about who or what you're grateful for! I hope this post finds you well.



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