3D Printing, Big Cats, and Embarrassing Stories in Episode 3

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Hello community! Our 3rd episode of Care Package: The Podcast is out! Find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or stream it online here.

This week we debrief news, talk school, journalism, and self-care with Robin, and present a new segment, Poopses and Oopses, to hear some embarrassing stories from our staff.

In the news, this tweet from the Getty Museum attracted a huge response, and has been quite a source of laughter for me this week. The banana tweet (below), along with the harp player recreation, and the flamingo are a few of my favourites.

Teens across the world have been innovating and using their resourcefulness to help out in this crisis. Two examples of that are two students in Alberta, one of them 3D printing ear guards and the other printing face shields for front line workers. Awesome!

I've included one of Nick Heath's quarantine commentary videos, referenced in the podcast, for perhaps a good laugh.

This week on the podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking to Robin about her experience living in the heart of Vancouver during this crisis.

Here are a few great photos of Robin at camp - 2 from 2019, as a staff member, and one from her time as a participant at YES Camp - and a link to her blog post about the women behind the counter.

This week's podcast also featured embarrassing stories from a bunch of our staff. Here's a photo of Amanda in Ecuador, close to the equator that she references in her story.

As a reminder, we'll be answering the phone on Thursday, April 9, from 3-5pm and we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email at to get that phone number, or leave us a voicemail anytime at 604-960-1377.

If you have feedback, input, or you'd like to be involved, please be in touch!

Thanks so much for reading, listening, and being part of our community.

With care,


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