Leadership Training

Looking to inspire and motivate your organization/programs? Trying to generate a sense of cohesion and collectivity amongst your staff team? We can help.

The YES has many workshops designed to impart leadership skills in a more professional setting. Learn advanced communication skills, consensus building, roles within a meeting environment, cooperation amongst coworkers, and conflict resolution techniques - all while having fun with your colleagues. Below is a brief description of each of the workshops currently offered by The YES.

Moving Through and Solving ConflictThe Roles and Characteristics of an Effective CommunicatorCreating a Cohesive Environment
Conflict is a natural element of life. Be it with strangers or with friends, disagreements are bound to happen. In the workplace ongoing conflicts can ultimately be damaging. This workshop teaches conflict resolution models, and gives your staff the skills and ability to create solutions where there once were problems. By generating understanding and perspective, participants learn how to move from conflict to conversation.
Communication is essential to any team, and successful teams are made up of individuals who have great communication skills. This workshop focuses on the identifying the skills effective communicators make use of everyday and in the workplace. We then focus on communication on a larger scale, how a team talk/functions together, and the various roles people often take on during meetings.
People deserve the right to feel welcomed and accepted in their workplace. But sometimes through the difference of perspectives or beliefs, this can be challenging. The activities in this workshop focuses on discussing the nature of safe, respectful spaces and how they can be created within the workplace. Through facilitated discussion, staff members will learn to challenge their own perspectives while learning about others.

Akin to our school programs, workshops can be tooled and designed to fit well with your schedule and goals. For more information you may view our brochure. If you have questions or would like to make a booking please call 604-960-1377 or email us at info@theyes.ca.