School Programs

The YES provides quality educational workshops designed for secondary school classrooms, grades 8-12. Our workshops are interactive, and fun, and our facilitators are charismatic and excellent role models. They come to this work with an extensive background in facilitation, youth empowerment and skill development.

Below is a brief description of each of the workshops currently offered by The YES.

Global AwarenessLeadershipCommunication SkillsSelf-AwarenessCooperation
Our Global Awareness workshop is focused on creating new perspectives for youth and discussing the state of the global world we live in. Through a visual and participatory demonstration of global population and resource consumption, we take an astronaut’s view of the planet and explore the concepts of inequality, privilege and personal responsibility.
Recommended for Social Studies 11 or Social Justice 12 Classes
Our Leadership workshops are about dissecting the nature of Leadership, and demonstrating the various styles and roles a leader can embody. Through games, thought provoking activities and discussion participants will learn about the multitude of qualities, skills and techniques leaders rely on. Participants will be empowered to recognize their personal leadership strengths and put them to use by contributing to the communities they are a part of.
Recommended for senior leadership classes and student government groups
In this workshop participants learn how effectively communicate with everyone from friends and family to potential employers. We break interpersonal communication down into basic components and look at where miscommunications can arise.  Through entertaining and engaging games and activities students will learn how to communicate effectively face-to-face, communicate responsibly in conflict situations, listen well and contribute to group discussions in a positive way. Recommended for Grade 9 English, Planning 10, Leadership and Student Government groups
The self-awareness session helps students develop a greater understanding of their strengths, beliefs and values. Through games and reflective activities the workshop will help students to explore their personal attributes and gain appreciation for their unique skills, intelligences and the roles they play within larger groups. 
Recommended for Planning 10 and Leadership Classes
Co-operation is a fundamental skill to any effective team, and is essential for youth working together in a classroom, on a team or as part of any group. Through challenges and fun games participants will learn the countless benefits of co-operation, while developing stronger social ties to one another and a sense of focus. Participants will also learn the intricate skills of effective meeting skills and teamwork.  
Recommended for Planning 10, Leadership and Student Government groups

For more information about any of these programs please view our brochure. If you have any questions or would like to register please call us at 604-960-1377, or email the Program Director at